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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TLAL Expanding Sampler

Hummingbird Of Death - Status Tats 967 KB
xBrainiax - No Surprise 368 KB
Assholeparade - Freedom Fighters 559 KB
Coke Bust - No One To Impress 866 KB
Deathrats - ... 1.94 MB
Arctic Choke - Just One Please 1.15 MB
Mondo Gecko - Brothers Of Blasphemy 1.86 MB
Party by the Slice - Text Text Text Text Text Die 3.03 MB
¡Malparido! - Hazlo Tu Mismo o Muere 374 KB
Goner - Total Fucking Misanthropy 1.47 MB
Axed Up Conformist - Get Crackin 1.40 MB
Archagathus - Crazy Situation 2.38 MB
Violent Gorge - Picturesque Encystment 1.40 MB
Agathocles - Numbers 3.20 MB

Download here:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Records

Three new wonderful 7"S are in for your listening pleasure. The webstore is not back up so this is just a preview... Deathrats is the purple one, Arctic Choke the green one, and Party By The Slice/¡Malparido! is the black/gray one.

Get these jams when you can, all limited to this many from me!