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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Releases 2009

TLAL is unveiling the must nuts release schedule of its time.

Big news right is is that xBrainiax +99 song CD will be here in two weeks. Also Hummingbird of Death CD will be an Enhanced CD with exclusive blasting mayhem to be viewed on your PC or Mac.

Deathrats 7" and the Illegal Grinding CD is not far away either.

Upcoming Releases:
TLAL24 - Party by the Slice / ¡Malparido! - split 7"
TLAL26 - V/A - Illegal Grinding CD
TLAL28 - Hummingbird of Death - Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD+
TLAL29 - Deathrats - s/t 7"
TLAL30 - Get Destroyed! - Burnt Offering 7"

Future Releases:
TLALXX - Conga Fury / Shitstorm - split 7"
TLALXX - Agathocles / Violent Gorge - split 7"
TLALXX - Archagathus / Axed Up Conformist - split 7"
TLALXX - Rhino Charge - Discography CD
TLALXX - V/A - Animal Right Benefit 7"
TLALXX - Arctic Choke - s/t 7"
TLALXX - Mondo Gecko / D9 - split 12"
TLALXX - P.L.F. / Downtrodden - split 7"

Please please please support us on all our releases if you can, there is so much coming up that checking out distro often and buying jams from us for cheaper rather than through big time metal distributors makes a huge difference in releasing more DIY grindcore.

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  1. DEATHRATS, from Washington DC, plays thrashy, fast hardcore with awesome, shrill, shrieky female vocals. The lyrics on the debut 7" (available online - are conscious and political, tackling issues like small talk ("I'm Fine"), female solidarity ("Girl Style"), and a critical look inward at the lyricist's personal deficiencies in the self-berating "Self Obsessed." As thought provoking as it is rocking! DF (To Live A Lie Records)